Is Bengaluru not for bachelors? Bizarre tenancy rules confuse netizens


While it is common for societies to create guidelines and regulations to maintain discipline and comfort for flat owners and tenants, Bengaluru is known for being progressive in its outlook. However, a society in Kundalahalli Gate, Bengaluru, has issued an unusual set of guidelines that prohibited bachelors and spinsters from having guests after 10 pm and staying overnight without prior approval from the owner via email.

A user posted the notice on Reddit, which included a penalty of 1000/- or eviction for violating the rules. The association also imposed general rules such as “no loud music post 10 pm” and “no late-night parties allowed”.

The user commented that in a society in Marathahalli, guards monitor bachelors’ flats to ensure that guests have left, and no males enter females’ flats. The guidelines were met with displeasure online, with many expressing their outrage.

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One user commented that the rules were worse than hostels and that society rules were becoming increasingly ridiculous. Another user supported general rules such as not making phone calls on balconies after 10 pm but criticised the specific guidelines for bachelors.

Another person commented that the rules were the result of “uncles” running the country. Some users expressed their preference for standalone buildings rather than societies, while others suggested that the situation was dire. One person argued that tenants should live by their own rules and that loud parties could be avoided, but the rest was none of anyone else’s business.

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The rights of a tenant in India are designed to protect them from exploitation and ensure they are treated fairly by their landlords. These rights include the right to enjoy their home without interference from the landlord, the right to certain minimum standards of accommodation, and the right to a rent book. Tenants also have the right to contact their landlord or their agent at any reasonable time and must provide permission before the landlord can enter their home. In the event of a dispute, tenants can refer the matter to the Residential Tenancies Board without fear of penalty.

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