PM Modi’s rally in Karnataka sees another security breach, man crosses barricade

There was a security breach during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election rally in Davangere, Karnataka on Saturday. A person attempted to approach the Prime Minister during his roadshow, but was promptly caught by the police. This is the second security incident involving the Prime Minister, as a child had previously come close to him during a roadshow in Hubli.

Despite the three to four layers of security and barricades installed on both sides of the road, the accused managed to cross the barricade and approach the convoy. The police acted swiftly and apprehended the person. The incident is being investigated by security agencies, and is considered a serious security lapse.

PM Modi is on a tour of Karnataka ahead of the state’s assembly elections in May. During his public meeting and roadshow, he appealed to the people of Karnataka to form a stable government by giving the BJP an absolute majority. He emphasized the need for rapid development in the state and urged the people to steer clear of manipulative politics.

The Prime Minister alleged that the Congress party sees Karnataka as an “ATM to fill the coffers of its leaders”, while the BJP wants the state to be a driving force of a developed India. This incident highlights the importance of maintaining tight security protocols during public appearances by high-profile individuals, particularly during election campaigns.

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